Join us for our Impact Management & Measurement Community of Practice (IMMCOP) Spotlight Series where we profile and unpack how different investors are managing impact in their fund or investment portfolio.

This month we will be diving into managing impact for fixed income products, and you'll have the opportunity to hear from global managers Affirmative Investment Management and Nuveen.

Affirmative Investment Management's mission is to manage fixed income portfolios that generate positive environmental and social impact without compromising financial returns. Kate Temby, Partner, Client Engagement at Affirmative, will discuss how they approach and conduct robust verification, reporting and active engagement, to generate consistent performance and sustainable impact in accordance with the international climate agreements and the SDGs.

With it array of fixed income products, Nuveen seeks to deliver and quantify environmental and social benefits while outperforming well-known bond market benchmarks. Nuveen's Head of ESG/Impact – Global Fixed Income, Stephen Liberatore joins us to unpack how the global manager embeds ESG in their investment process, maximising impact via public markets and proactively engaging with issuers, and how they measure and report on outcomes, including alignment with voluntary industry guidelines such as the IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management and UN SDGs.

Kate and Stephen's presentations will be followed by discussion and question-time.

How to log into Zoom from Glue Up/registration link.

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